Yikes! The photo makes the left
tower appear bent but it really isn't.
Gatehouse interior during construction.
Doors from the gatehouse into the baily.
Roof sections with copper sheathing.
Interior roof construction.
Tower entrance from the gallery.
Access to the top of the tower.
Tower access from the wall
It's important to note right from the start that this is not a scale model...it's a toy, meant to be played with and enjoyed...nothing more.
Well, maybe a little more.  It's been a learning process, a chance to explore new materials and methods for creating miniatures.
Having said that, the castle is constructed primarily of concrete.  More specifically, "Pour Stone"...that stuff used to anchor heavy
machinery to concrete floors.  It's an excellent material for this application.  It's extremely fine grained so it's well suited to molding
fine details.  It has a fast cure time...about fifteen minutes and it's very strong. It is virtually stone when fully dried. Pieces can be
assembled using white glue or carpenter's glue.  And it takes paints, stains and washes well.  Of, course, there's always a down side and in
this case, it's the weight. After all...it's concrete!  There were no blueprints or construction plans, just vague mental images of what
should go where.  The photos below were all taken before "weathering" and landscaping.  New photos will be added as time permits.
Until then, the lord of the castle is out, so feel free to roam the grounds.