Created as the companion horn to the Horn of
Gondor.  It seemed only fitting to name this after the
steward's favorite son. The Spirit of Boromir is now in
the keeping of the House of Tomura. The horn's
appointments are constructed of solid brass, sterling
and fine silver, accented with almandine garnets.
Constructed of solid brass, sterling silver,
accented with almandine garnets.
Dragon Caller in now in the House of
Pentico. Constructed of solid brass, sterling
silver, copper, bull's horn, and appointed
with pearls, rubies, and almandine garnets.
Living up to its name, the Star of Gaia first found its
way into the hands of the late Jon Rose, then onto the
set of the History Channel's "True Caribbean Pirates"
as a prop. The Third Horn of Hutsell now resides in
the House of Torgersen.
Named for the runic symbol of the
harvest, the Horn of Jera is
constructed of solid brass and
copper and accented with amethyst.
Constructed of solid copper and brass, the Celt displays some of the
traditional design elements of the time. The First Horn of Hutsell
remains the property of the lady of the house.
There are no horns available for purchase at this time. Most are spoken for before they're finished. I normally don't do
custom work but if you have a design that you're passionate about, we can talk.  Horns can take up to three months to
complete once work begins and pricing is dictated by the complexity of the task.  There are several horns in production so
if you would like to be notified when they become available, please send an email with your request.