Amazingly, Comic Con has once again come and gone. But this year...this year held something new
and wonderful...the first (albeit loosely) organized session of
STEAMPUNK enthusiasts. The photos
on the following two pages were taken mostly by Linda Hutsell with a few others thrown in which I
shamelessly took from Flickr. After all, I was there when the photos were taken and I'm in some of
them, as well. This was also the first time in twenty years I myself went in costume. And I must say I
wasn't ready for all the attention. But the best part of it was that it made people
smile! My one regret
is that I didn't get names of all those who attended the session. So, if you see yourself in any of the
photos, please email me. Unless, of course, you want to remain anonymous, in which case...ENJOY!
Just one minor post script...if you missed the session this year, not to fear.  I can say with certainty,
the Steampunk genre is on the rise and it's going to be HUGE!
Heather Hutsell introducing herself and the
Time Jumper dress which she designed
and created.
(on the right) How's this for celebrity! Time Jumper,
Heather E. Hutsell, published author, costume
designer, doll maker and artist. And by her side,
, published composer, musician, songsmith and

Introduction of The Starburner Galactic
Courier Service
and the Starburner 2000.
One of this year's (and last year's)
Steampunk Ghost Busters and
Time Jumper.
The ingenuity and variety
of costumes of this
group is astounding!
The Time Jumper with a Dalek from
Doctor Who.
Heather Hutsell hunting Star Wars
characters with the
Starburner 2000.
Jimmy Diggs, free-lance writer
Star Trek: Voyager and Deep
Space Nine
with Kim C. Hutsell,
creator of
The Starburner 2000
(and a few other toys).
Heather E. Hutsell with Greg
's BIG GUN...The
Unnatural Selector the
Weta booth.
The Highwayman and the Time Jumper
apprehended whilst trying to escape
San Diego's Gas Lamp Quarter.
(left) This dapper young
steampunk, aka
Baron von
, was sporting a
Rocketman-style pack and was
kind enough to pause here long
enough to pose with the
at the Weta booth.
photo credit...?
Photo credit...?
Photo credit...?

noted, all
photos taken by
Linda L. Hutsell